6.8.4 plotQuickWaveformKivy Outline of the node

This node displays waveforms of audio signal in a GUI using Kivy. Necessary file

None. Usage

When to use

This node is used when you want to visually check the audio signal waveform.

Typical connection

Input the audio waveform output from AudioStreamFromMic or AudioStreamFromWave .

\includegraphics[width=.8\textwidth ]{fig/modules/plotQuickWaveformKivy}
Figure 6.160: connection example of plotQuickWaveformKivy Input-output and property of the node



: Matrix<float> type. Input a matrix(Matrix<float> type) that consists of numerical values representing PCM waveforms. The rows(first dimension) correspond to the channels and the columns(second dimension) correspond to the samples.



: Always 0.


No parameters. Details of the node

\includegraphics[width=.8\textwidth ]{fig/modules/plotQuickWave}
Figure 6.161: Execution screen of plotQuickWaveformKivy 

Figure 6.161 shows the execution screen of plotQuickWaveformKivy function.