6.8.3 plotQuickSpecKivy Outline of the node

This node displays spectrograms obtained from speech signals by FFT in a GUI using Kivy. Necessary file

None. Usage

When to use

This node is used when you want to visually confirm the spectrum converted from the audio signal.

Typical connection

Input the spectrum converted by MultiFFT .

\includegraphics[width=.8\textwidth ]{fig/modules/plotQuickSpecKivy}
Figure 6.159: connection example of plotQuickSpecKivy Input-output and property of the node



: Vector<complex<float> > type. The input is a vector( Vector<complex<float> > ) that represents the FFT coefficients. The number of dimensions is equal to the number of FFT bins.



: Always 0.


No parameters. Details of the node

Since the execution screen is the same as that of plotQuickMUSICSpecKivy , we omit the explanation.