5.3.1 Directory tree for transfer functions

The directory tree of a transfer function file is as follows. Note that a name that ends with / is a directory.

transferFunction/ --- whatisthis.txt
                   |- microphone.xml
                   |- source.xml
                   |- localization/ --- tf00000.mat
                   |                 |- tf00001.mat ...
                   |- separation/   --- tf00000.mat
                                     |- tf00001.mat ...

The root directory is transferFunction. The whatisthis.txt indicates the file type, which in this case is transfer function. The microphone and source localization information are defined in microphone.xml and source.xml respectively. The transfer function for localization is stored in localization/ directory, while those for separation is stored in separation directory. All the files in each directory are in tf%05d.mat format. The filename of the transfer function file is the 5-digit ID number (padded by zero) specified in source.xml.

Note that is doesn’t matter if either one or both of the localization/ and separation/ folders are empty. For example, If the localization/ folder is empty, it means that the transfer function for separation used is in the old format. if both localization/ and separation/ folders contain Matrix binary files, it means that the transfer function of both localization and separation was integrated into a single file.