5.3.2 Directory tree for separation matrix of GHDSS

The directory tree of a separation matrix file is as follows. Note that a name that ends with / is a directory.

transferFunction/ --- whatisthis.txt
                   |- microphone.xml
                   |- source.xml
                   |- localization/ --- (empty)
                   |- separation/   --- tf00000.mat
                                     |- tf00001.mat ...

The root directory is transferFunction (though the file is not a transfer function). The whatisthis.txt indicates the file type, which in this case is separation matrix. The microphone array and the sound source localization result during the separation matrix measurement is defined in microphone.xml and source.xml respectively.

The separation matrix of GHDSS ($m$ x $n$, where $m$ = number of microphone and $n$ = complex matrix of the size of frequency bins) is saved in the separation/ directory. The transfer function files for separation inside the separation/ directory will have the source ID as its file name. The naming format is tf%05d.mat, which is the 5 digit ID number (padded by zero) specified in source.xml. The localization/ will always be empty.