5.1 XML Format

This format is used for files that represents the positions, such as microphones or sound sources. As shown in Figure 5.1, the format has hark_xml as the root node, and has config, positions, neighbors, and channels as the child nodes.

<hark_xml version="1.3">
        <comment>Test file</comment>
        <PeakSearch from="0" to="100"/>
    <positions type="tsp" coordinate="cartesian">
        <position x="0.100" y="0.100" z="0.100" id="0" path="/home/tsp1.wav"/>
        <position x="0.150" y="0.100" z="0.100" id="1" path="/home/tsp2.wav"/>
        <position x="0.200" y="0.200" z="0.200" id="2" path="/home/tsp3.wav"/>
    <neighbors algorithm="NearestNeighbor">
        <neighbor id="0" ids="0;1;2;"/>
        <neighbor id="1" ids="1;0;2;"/>
        <neighbor id="2" ids="2;1;0;"/>
Figure 5.1: A sample of XML format