5.1.3 positions What is this node for?

This node is for representing a set of positions. Attributes


Mandatory. This attribute is used to specify the kind of positions.

  • noise: Noise position

  • microphone: Microphone positions

  • source: Localized sound source positions

  • tsp: Positions of TSP recording files

  • impulse: Positions of impulse response files


Mandatory. This represents the position’s coordinate system. The value must be cartesian for Cartesian coordinate, or polar for Polar coordinate


Optional. This value is used when the positions node corresponding any frame number. Child Node

This node represents a position. The number of position nodes can be greater than or equal to zero.

Each position node has five mandatory attributes. Two of them are common:


: A number which is unique in the positions node.


: A path corresponding to the position.

The rest attributes depends on its parent’s coordinate attribute.

If coordinate = "cartesian"

The attributes are x, y, and z that represents the coordinate. The unit is [mm].

If coordinate = "polar"

The attributes are azimuth, elevation, and radius that represents the coordinate. The unit of degree for azimuth and elevation, and mm for radius, respectively.