14.4.2 Off-line sound source separation (with postprocessing by HRLE)

A sample in which noise estimation with HRLE is performed a postprocessing for separated sounds and noise elimination processing is performed based on the estimated values is introduced here.

\includegraphics[width=0.8\textwidth ]{fig/recipes/LearningHARK-separation-hrle.png}
Figure 14.14: MAIN_LOOP (iterator)

Execute demoOfflineHRLE.sh in the Separation directory. After processing, files of separated sounds are generated.

Figure 14.14 shows sample network of demoOfflineKinectHRLE.n, which is off-line sound source separation with postprocessing by HRLE. The audio waveforms read from the files in the AudioStreamFromWave module are analyzed in MultiFFT , separated in GHDSS , postprocessed, synthesized in Synthesize and the audio waveforms are saved in SaveWavePCM . The postprocessing is realized by combinations of HRLE , EstimateLeak , CalcSpecAddPower , CalcSpecSubGain and SpectralGainFilter . Interference from a non-purpose sound is estimated from nondirectional noise and the sound sources detected and spectral levels for each band are adjusted.