14.4.3 Online sound source separation (with/without postprocessing by HRLE)

Samples of online sound source separation are introduced here. Since this sample cannot be executed without a kinect, execute after preparing AD/DA.

For execution of the sample, execute demoOnlineKinect.sh or demoOnlineKinectHRLE.sh in the Sample directory. Since the ID of kinect may change according to condition, set the kinect’s ID to demoOnlineKinect.n or demoOnlineKinectHRLE.n before execution.

When the above is completed, execute demoOnlineKinect.sh or demoOnlineKinectHRLE.sh in the Separation directory. If the sample works well, sound source localization result is displayed graphically, and separated sounds are saved. This processing continues to be generated till pressing the Control key and ’c’ key at the same time.

If off-line demos success and online demos fails, parameters of AudioStreamFromMic module may wrong. In such a case, samples in Record directory are useful.