5.1 XML Format

XML is a file format that is used to save information on the position of sound sources, such as microphone positions and sound localization results. As shown in Figure 5.1, the root element is hark_xml , while the child elements are config, positions, neighbors, and channels .

<hark_xml version="1.3">
        <comment>Test file</comment>
        <PeakSearch from="0" to="100"/>
    <positions type="tsp" coordinate="cartesian">
        <position x="0.100" y="0.100" z="0.100" id="0" path="/home/tsp1.wav"/>
        <position x="0.150" y="0.100" z="0.100" id="1" path="/home/tsp2.wav"/>
        <position x="0.200" y="0.200" z="0.200" id="2" path="/home/tsp3.wav"/>
    <neighbors algorithm="NearestNeighbor">
        <neighbor id="0" ids="0;1;2;"/>
        <neighbor id="1" ids="1;0;2;"/>
        <neighbor id="2" ids="2;1;0;"/>
Figure 5.1: A sample of XML format