4.3.3 Object

This is a data type mainly used within node properties. In HARK  , it is used in ChannelSelector , for example. Basically, this is a data type used when setting data types other than int , float , string , bool  and subnet_param as properties. As described in the Section 4.3.2, it can be used as Object  type including the primitive data types and therefore all data types can be designated as Object s, theoretically. However, classes whose values cannot be set using text are not used for properties. This function is implemented for Vector  and Matrix , although it is not for Map , and therefore Map cannot be specified as a property at present. Examples of available input types are shown below for reference.


$<$ Vector< float > 0.0 1.0$>$

Common input method


Complex $<$float (0,0)$>$

complex  can be entered as Complex 


Vector<complex<float> > (0.0, 1.0)$>$

Input of complex  is unsupported


Vector< ObjectRef > Complex $<$float $>$ (0.0, 1.0)$>$$>$

No problem if entered as Complex 


$<$Int 1$>$

int  can be entered as Int