4.3.4 subnet_param 

This is the data type used in node properties. When setting the same parameter as a property in multiple subnet nodes, all values can be updated simultaneously by editing the value under this label in MAIN, when designating subnet_param and setting a common label. For example, consider the case of creating an Iterator network (with name LOOP0, for example) and using nodes which need sampling frequency to be set, such as LocalizeMUSIC  and GHDSS . The sampling rate can be set in properties of LocalizeMUSIC and GHDSS within the virtual network LOOP0 by setting the sampling rate value to subnet_param type, and setting the value to the label “SAMPLING_RATE”. The SAMPLING_RATE of LocalizeMUSIC  and GHDSS  are guaranteed to always be same by setting the SAMPLINGRATE property in the higher level MAIN loop to the int  type and entering 16000. Moreover, as another usage, setting the property of a node in MAIN (subnet) to the subnet_param type enables the parameter to be designated as an argument in batch execution. The user can confirm if the parameter in question can be set as an argument by clicking the property in FlowDesigner . The value shown in the dialog of this property is used as a default value in batch execution.