6.2.8 CMConjEachElement Module Overview

Performs conjugate of a correlation matrix. Requested Files

None. Usage

In what case is the node used?

The calculation node of the correlation matrix is the one created for the sound source from CMMakerFromFFT , CMMakerFromFFTwithFlag , and has the function of taking conjugate of each component.

Typical Examples

Figure. 6.21 shows the usage example of CMConjEachElement  node. The input terminal is connected to a correlation matrix calculated from CMMakerFromFFT  or CMMakerFromFFTwithFlag , etc. (type is Matrix<complex<float> >  type, but to handle a correlation matrix, convert the three dimensional complex array to a two dimensional complex array and then output).

Figure 6.21: Network Example using CMConjEachElement I/O and property setting of the node



: Matrix<complex<float> >  type. A correlation matrix for each frequency bin. The $M$-th order complex square array correlation matrix inputs $NFFT/2 + 1$ items. Matrix<complex<float> >  contains rows corresponding to frequency ($NFFT/2 + 1$ rows), and columns containing the complex correlation matrix ($M * M$ columns across).



: Matrix<complex<float> >  type. The correlation matrix after taking conjugate of INPUTCM is output.


No parameters. Module Description

Performs conjugate of a correlation matrix. The correlation matrix is a complex three-dimensional array of size $k \times M \times M$ and the division $k \times M \times M$ times is performed as follows. Here, $k$ is the number of frequency bins ($k = NFFT/2 + 1$), and $M$ is the number of channels in the input signal.


    FOR i = 1 to k
        FOR i = 1 to M
            FOR i = 1 to M

                OUTPUTCM[i][j][k] = conj(INPUTCM[i][j][k])