8.2 RME Hammerfall DSP series Multiface AE

One of the multichannel A/D devices checked by the HARK development team is the Hammerfall DSP Multiface series of RME (Multiface). This chapter describes the procedure for using Multiface in HARK. Multiface is an A/D, D/A conversion device that performs only 10ch AD and 10ch D/A conversions. Of the 10ch, 8 are analog and 2 are SPDIF. Multiface is an ALSA compliant device, a standard interface in Linux. This chapter introduces the method of setting up Multiface as a representative of ALSA compliant devices. If OS is enabled to recognize other ALSA compliant devices through an ALSA driver, multichannel recording can be performed in HARK, similar to Multiface. Although ALSA compliant devices except for Multiface are out of the scope of this chapter, this chapter should be helpful in using other A/D, D/A devices that accept ALSA. The methods for installing Multiface and for recording speech from microphones connected to Multiface on HARK are introduced here. Description and operation checks are performed in Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04, respectively.