8 HARK-compatible Multi-Channel AD Devices and Their Installation

Users can perform microphone array processing by a connecting multichannel A/D device to HARK. Users who need to perform microphone array processing sets requiring A/D devices should refer to this chapter. Three types of A/D devices are currently supported by HARK.

  1. The RASP series (System In Frontier, Inc.)

  2. ALSA-based devices (e.g. the RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface series),

  3. TD-BD-16ADUSB (Tokyo Electron device).

The methods for installing and setting up these devices are described here.

To use TD-BD-16ADUSB, the third party version of HARK was used with HARK 1.0. However, this third party version was integrated into HARK by default. Therefore, if you have installed HARK 1.1, you can use TD-BD-16ADUSB without the third party version.