1.3.2 Judge in rock-paper-scissors game orally played

It was pointed out that the simultaneous ordering from three speakers was unnatural as a demonstration and therefore we have performed a game for which simultaneous speech is essential, that is, “Oral rock-paper-scissors game”, which is a rock-paper-scissors game performed through voice. The fun of the “oral rock-paper-scissors game” is that players can play the game without showing their faces or they can play it in darkness. However, a problem in such cases is that players cannot figure out the winner instantly. Here, we attempt to make a robot with an auditory function judge for the oral rock-paper-scissors game [17]. Only the above-mentioned three-speaker simultaneous speech recognition and dialogue strategy have been modified for the program of the oral rock-paper-scissors game judge. The robot judges if the players uttered properly, if any of the players uttered late in other words, so as to judge the winner or the game was a draw and tells the result. When the game is not finished, the robot orders the players to play the game again. The details of this system are described in the paper of ICRA-2008 [17]. Please read it if you are interested in it.