4.1 Basic type

As described above, int , float , double , bool , char , string and complex (complex<float> , complex<double> ) are a primitive type that succeed to the C++ data type. In HARK  , int is used for numbers that are always integer (e.g. number of sound sources or window length of FFT) and float is used for other values (angles). When only two values of "truth" or "false" are needed such as a flag, bool is used. When character strings such as file names are needed, string is used. HARK  often performs processing for spectrum units and each time block (frame) for specific length. The primitive type is rarely used as a data type of a terminal of a node though it is usually used as an element of Matrix , Vector or Map . complex<float> is also rarely used solely and expresses a spectrum and therefore it is often used as an element of Vector or Matrix . Floating point (double type) with double precision is supported by FlowDesigner though is used only for Source in HARK  .

4.1.1 Module converted into this type:

The To*  node of Conversion  category is converted into each type. int uses ToInt , float uses ToFloat , bool uses ToBool  and string uses ToString .