9.5 Separating sounds with stationary noise


To perform sound source separation while considering the effects of fixed noise such as the fan noise of a robot. The file containing the noise source coordinates of the robot is required.


Perform the following two steps.

9.5.1 1. Creation of noise position file:

This is basically identical to the method of designating microphone coordinates (bsec:Separation: 004] How should I designate microphone position?). To create this type of file, see “8.6 Microphone position / noise source” in the HARK document.

9.5.2 2. Designate noise file in GHDSS :

Open the property window of GHDSS , and change the FIXED NOISE parameter from falseto true. When the parameter FIXED_NOISE_FILENAME appears, enter the noise source coordinate file name. Separation can be performed without reacting to known noise.

Connect an output module such as SaveRawPCM and check the separated sound to see if the separation has been successfully finished. Separated sounds of the noise source are not output here.



See Also

GHDSS , bsec:Separation: 004]How should I designate microphone position?