9.4 Sound source separation using only the microphone array layout


This section is for when wishing to separate a sound with the GHDSS module with a microphone coordinate, not with impulse responses.


It is necessary to perform the following two steps.

9.4.1 1. Preparation the file containing the microphone coordinates:

First, it is necessary to prepare a file containing the microphone coordinates (to create this file, see “8.6 Microphone position/noise source” in the HARK document).

9.4.2 2. Designate a microphone coordinate file in GHDSS :

Designate the file containing microphone coordinates in the property window of the GHDSS module (the file name used here is MICPOSFILENAME). First, set CALC in the GHDSS property to the value of the TF_CONJ parameter and describe MICPOSFILENAME in the value of the MIC_FILENAME parameter. To change the settings at the origin of the microphone coordinate system described in MICPOSFILENAME, change the MIC_POS_SHIFT parameter. When placing the origin at the center of gravity of the microphone coordinate, set Value to SHIFT. When using the coordinates described in the file, leave it as FIX. For details, see the description of the GHDSS module



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