7.3 Making an iteration using FlowDesigner


I wish to construct a network that performs iterations like “for loop.”


Use the Iterator  subnetwork and Iterator  node. For example, if you want a localization result generated by ConstantLocalization to DisplayLocalization 500 times, build a network similar to that in Fig. 7.1. Note that the Iterator  node is at New Node $\rightarrow $ Flow $\rightarrow $ Iterator .

\includegraphics{fig/recipes/FlowDesigner_003-2} \includegraphics{fig/recipes/FlowDesigner_003}
Figure 7.1: Sample network: The left panels is the MAIN  subnetwork, and the right panel is the Iterator  subnetwork

If you see the localization result for 500 frames, you have successfully built this sample network.


Iterate  node decrements the counter, whose initial value is given by the parameter MAX_ITER, for each iteration. If the counter is $\geq 0$ , it outputs true; otherwise, it outputs false. By setting this output as the CONDITION terminal, you can realize the “for loop.”

See Also

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