4.3.4 subnet_param 

This data type is used in the property settings of a node. When a common parameter in the property of multiple subnet nodes is assigned to a variable declared as subnet_param , its value can be changed in the MAIN(subnet), and all nodes assigned with this variable can be modified at the same time. For example, when creating an Iterator network (names LOOP0) which has nodes that uses sampling frequency called LocalizeMUSIC  and GHDSS , set the SAMPLING_RATE in the property settings of the node as subnet_param , then name it as “SAMPLING_RATE”. Then, when LOOP0 is placed in the MAIN(subnet), “SAMPLING_RATE”. will be shown in its property. Set this property to int , then its value to 16000. This way, it is guaranteed that the SAMPLING_RATE property of LocalizeMUSIC and GHDSS will always have the same value. To show another example, set the property of the node in the MAIN(subnet) as subnet_param , the set the name as ARGx (x is a variable number). Doing so will set its parameters as variables during batch execution (For example, when a subnet_param names ARG1 is created, it will be set as the first variable during batch file execution).