3.2.2 For Windows Users

First, install all the required software for HARK listed here: HARK installation instructions. Then, download the HARK for Windows installer from HARK website. This will install the following software:

  1. HARK(hark-base,harkmw,hark-core)

  2. HARK-Designer


  4. HARK-Python3

Next, run the HARK for Windows installer. The installation will begin when the InstallShield Wizard appears. After reading the License Agreement, choose I accept the terms in the license agreement, then click Next to proceed. In the Setup Type screen, click Complete to install all of the program features, or click Custom to choose only which program features to install. Upon choosing Custom installation, the check on the programs that will not be installed should be removed first before clicking the Install button.

Figure 3.1: End-User License Agreement
Figure 3.2: Select install type
Figure 3.3: Select modules