9.5 Separating sounds with stationary noise


To perform sound source separation while considering the effects of fixed noise such as the fan noise of a robot. Measurement of robot’s noise source direction is required.


Regarding the network, please see an example connection in the figure of SourceSelectorByID . Set the range excluding the direction of the stationary noise for the values of the paramters MIN_DEG and MAX_DEG of LocalizeMUSIC . Set 1 for the MIN_ID parameter value of SourceTracker . For the parameters of ConstantLocalization , set 0 for the MIN_ID and set the direction of the stationary noise source measured beforehand for the direction parameters. By connecting SourceSelectorByID to the sound source sepration result such as output of GHDSS , the stationary noise can be filterd. To check whether or not it suceeded, examin the separated sound by using nodes which ouput the result such as Synthesize , SaveRawPCM . Separated sounds of the noise source are not output here.



See Also

SourceSelectorByID , ConstantLocalization