5.3.1 Directory tree for transfer functions

The directory tree of a transfer function file is as follows. Note that a name ends with / means a directory.

transferFunction/ --- whatisthis.txt
                   |- microphone.xml
                   |- source.xml
                   |- localization/ --- tf00000.mat
                   |                 |- tf00001.mat ...
                   |- separation/   --- tf00000.mat
                                     |- tf00001.mat ...

The root directory is transferFunction. whatisthis.txt represents what the file is. In this case, the content of the file is transfer function. microphone.xml represents positions of the microphone array used for the file. source.xml represents positions of transfer function measurement. The directories localization/ and separation contains transfer functions for localization and separation for each position. The file name format is tf%05d.mat, where the format string "with the ID of the position written in source.xml.

Note that localization/ and/or separation/ can be empty. For example, if localization/ is empty and the other is not, this is equivalent to a transfer function file for localization (M2PG). If both directories are not empty, this is equivalent to the combination of the transfer function files for localization and separation.