5.3.3 Directory tree for correlation matrix for localization of CMSave/CMLoad

The directory tree of a correlation matrix file for localization is as follows. Note that a name ends with / means a directory.

transferFunction/ --- whatisthis.txt
                   |- microphone.xml
                   |- source.xml
                   |- localization/ --- tf00000.mat
                                     |- tf00001.mat ...
                   |- separation/   --- (empty)

The root directory is transferFunciton (though this file is not transfer function.) whatisthis.txt represents what the file is. In this case, the content of the file is correlation matrix. microphone.xml is empty since the microphone is not related to the file. source.xml exists only for the compatibility with a transfer function file.

Correlation matrices for localization (A complex square matrix of size $n$, where $n$ denotes the number of microphones.) are stored in localization/ directory. Each file name corresponds to each frequency bin. The format of the file name is tf%05d.mat, i.e., "tf", a number with 5 digits, and ".mat". The number corresponds to the index of the frequency bin. separation/ is always empty.