4.4 Installing a microphone array in a robot


Read this section when installing microphones in your robot.


To wire microphones, shorten the lengths of their wires. In installing wiring inside the robot, make sure that these wires are not in parallel with other wiring, such as power wires and signal wires for servos. For signal transmission, it is better to use differential and digital types. Set the microphones so that they are in contact with the surface of the robot’s housing. That is, make sure the microphones are embedded in the housing, with only the tips are outside the robot.


When microphones are isolated from the surface, they are affected by reflections from the robot housing, leading to the degradation of the performance of sound source localization and sound source separation. If the housing vibrates during robot operations, make sure the microphones do not pick up these vibrations. For mounting the microphones, use materials that suppress vibrations, such as bushings.

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