8.5 Checking if sound source localization is successful


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Localize a voice and a sound from a speaker in a specific direction and confirm their localization by collating with localization results. To confirm localization results, use the DisplayLocalization module and SaveSourceLocation . To confirm the accuracy of localization, set MIN_DEG of LocalizeMUSIC to - 180 and MAX_DEG to 180 so that sounds from all directions can be localized. If a sound does not come from a specific direction, the localization results may become stable by restricting the direction of the sound source; i.e., by setting MIN_DEG and MAX_DEG appropriately.


To improve localization accuracy

  1. bsec:Localization: 003]Measure the transfer functions of the microphone array

  2. bsec:Localization: 008]Appropriately tune the SourceTracker 

  3. Set so that localization is not performed from an angle at which where there is not a sound source.

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