8.3 Using part of a microphone array


I wish to localize a sound source using only part of my microphone array.


You may want to evaluate your microphone array by using only part of it, e.g., use only 4 channels of an 8 microphone array.

Use the SELECTOR parameter of ChannelSelector for this purpose. Set the type of SELECTOR as Object , and the indices of the microphone using Vector<int> .

Adjust the SELECTOR parameter of the ChannelSelector module. Designate a type of parameter in Object and designate only the channel numbers of the microphones to be used for sound source localization in Vector<int> . For example, if you want to use only channels 1 and 3 of a 4 channel microphone array, the parameter should be <Vector<int> 0 2> .



See Also

See ChannelSelector of the HARK document for a more detailed explanation.