5.3.4 localization result text Source localization information format

This is a file format for recording source localization results. It is used in the LoadSourceLocation and SaveSourceLocation nodes. Designating a file saved in this format in FILENAME of the property enables reading and writing. A source localization result format consists of the following information. Information on N sound sources is displayed in one row with a frame number on the top. For example, when $N$ sound sources are localized for $M$ frames, a text file in the following format is saved.

0 id0 x0 y0 z0 id1 x1 y1 z1 ... idN xN yN zN
1 id0 x0 y0 z0 id1 x1 y1 z1 ... idN xN yN zN...
M id0 x0 y0 z0 id1 x1 y1 z1 ... idN xN yN zN

The first row indicates serial numbers of input frames and from the second, columns increase according to the number of sound sources detected simultaneously, with four rows as one set (information for one sound source). The first line in one set of sound source information indicates IDs of the sound sources and the second to fourth lines indicate Cartesian coordinates system on a unit ball for a sound source direction.