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Supported Hardware



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Recording Environment

  • Recorded signal
    • Signal type : Time Stretched Pulse (TSP)
    • TSP length : 16384
    • Sampling rate : 16 kHz
    • Bit depth : 16bit
    • Number of repetition : 16
    • Resolution : 72 Azimuth (every 5 degrees)
  • Room
    • Room size : 7m x 4m
    • Reverberation time : 0.2 seconds

 Sensor devices

TAMAGO-01 (System in Frontier Inc.)

RASP-24 (System in Frontier Inc.)

RASP-LC (System in Frontier Inc.)

  • Installation and Documentation

Kinect (Microsoft Corporation)

  • Website

Xbox One Kinect (Kinect v2 : Microsoft Corporation)

  • Website

PlayStation Eye (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)

  • Website

Microcone (Dev-Audio Pty Ltd.)

  • Website

Kurage-kun (System in Frontier Inc.)

  • Website


Turtlebot (Willow Garage)

  • Website


We finished supporting the devices listed here. The software for them will not be updated.


  • Website